Friday, May 29, 2015

Last Looks at Bear Lake and Moving Day to Yellowstone

Location: Moutainside KOA (el. 6,800 ft); West Yellowstone, Montana

(click pictures to enlarge)
(all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia 929 cell phone)

I left Garden City early yesterday morning with a 275 mile trip ahead of me. At that distance, it means a fuel stop with Liberty in tow. One of the things I've found in my travels is that Exxon does the best job at positioning their gas pumps so a vehicle with a trailer in tow can reach the pumps and easily get back on the road. Some of the big truck stops like Flying J or Pilot are good for diesel vehicles with tows, but they didn't pay enough attention at the gasoline pumps. I found a nice Exxon to fuel up and a Walmart for some groceries. Other than about 100 miles longer than I like to travel in a day, the trip was nice. It rained a little but not too much. I didn't get many travel pictures this time and I'm not sure why not. Hmmm,, I'll have to think on that one.

I have been waiting for the weather to clear in the Yellowstone area before coming here and it finally looks like I'll have a few nice weather days to explore the park. I wanted to get here early in the season to avoid most of the summer-time crowds. I drove into town yesterday after getting Liberty set up and there were a few tourists visiting the shops, but not too many. 

I'm making this post while I drink my morning coffee. I'll be heading to the park, specifically to the Old Faithful region, this morning. I've downloaded my pictures to my laptop to make room for the ones I plan to take today in the park. The weather forecast looks pretty good with a high of 61 degrees and a chance of showers this afternoon. The people at the campground told me it was a very mild winter in terms of snow and temperatures. Everyone is expecting a larger than normal amount of animals due to the mild winter. I'll see about that today. 

Well, I'm finished with my coffee, time to shower and go. Hopefully, I'll have some great pictures for the next post, but until then, here are a couple from Bear Lake and the trip yesterday. 
Bear Lake. It was a pretty blue

A drive around the lake


A few birds out for a swim

This is the view I had while hitching up yesterday. The sun was coming through in places and lighting up certain areas. It was like a spotlight shining down. It was interesting.

I found a bench with a couple of
bears holding it up. It will be interesting
for the grandkids to see this picture in
a few decades and I wonder if they
will have seen the Avengers movie. :)

This is the only good travel picture I took yesterday. Ahead, in those mountains, is the Targhee Pass, with Yellowstone just beyond it.

I looked at 3 campsites before finding one that would work. The first two were too muddy due to the large amount of rain they've gotten here in the last week. The one I ended up with is a more expensive one than I reserved, but the lady owner let me have it at no increase in price. That was very nice of her. The upgrade gave me 50 amp service with cable TV. 

I got this shot as I was returning to the campground from town. The campground is just around the curve. 

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.

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