Friday, June 20, 2014

Water tour of Lighthouses, etc

Location: Bar Harbor KOA Campground; Bar Harbor, Maine
(click pics to enlarge)

I took an island/lighthouse boat tour around the area. I was lucky again in that the boat was not crowded, maybe 1/4 full. The crew said in two weeks, the boat will be full with a waiting line for the next boat. The tour showed us several lighthouses and big mansions that the locals call "cottages".

There isn't a lot to describe so I'll just post the pictures with some captions. The sites were interesting and the small "rocking and rolling" of the boat felt good. 
My Shipmates waiting to board

Busy Bar Harbor?
Clearing the man-made breakwater

Twin jets on the Catamaran

Typical "cottage"
More "cottages"

More "cottages"

Looking out the door
Spray over the Rail

Typical shoreline in many places

Beginning of the lighthouses



Bell Buoy (notice the bell?)

It was a good trip
Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road.


  1. Amazingly beautiful! Too bad Dad never got transferred to Maine...maybe only in the summer. Best pics yet. I think you should stay there a while.
    Selfie does not even look like you at all...better make sure people know you're just a retiree and not a traveling old man pervert LOL. Be safe

  2. So sorry didnt mean to say u look like a pervert....trying to joke but it sounded so wrong. U will always be my handsome georgeos hunk baby brother!

  3. Your comments always crack me up Aunt Phyl!!! :)