Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nothing much to see

Location: Wilderness Lake Campground; Willington, Connecticut
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Nothing much to report. The only thing of interest in this area was an Indian Museum about 1 hour drive to the south. I didn't feel like going so I just stayed around the campground and did some stuff on the Freedom and Liberty.

I greased the fifth wheel hitch in the bed of Freedom. I have a Reese Elite hitch that sets in recessed pucks. The set-up was an option I picked when I ordered the truck. I can take the hitch completely out of the truck single-handedly. But in servicing the hitch all I needed to do is remove the slide plate to expose all of the areas needing grease. I use White Lithium grease in a spray can.

I also installed the Air Pressure/Temperature monitoring system on Liberty's tires. One of the tires seemed to have a slow leak and since I have been carrying this system around but never put it on, I figured now was the time. It will constantly monitor the tire pressure and temperature and warn me if something isn't right.

I have been having some visitors waiting for me in the shower for the last couple weeks. Spiders. I couldn't tell where they were coming from or hiding during the day. There isn't a lot of places in the shower. Yesterday I killed one as it was trying to get away. It was heading for the area between the skylight and the frame. I soaked some Q-tips in bug spray and swabbed the joints real good. I hope that takes care of them, because I really don't like spiders.

I'll pull out of here in the morning. It's been a nice and quiet campground. The only problem is the pine trees will drop an acorn now and then on the top of Liberty. I'm heading for a town just north of New York City. I plan to take a bus tour into the city. More on that later.

The only pics tonight are some more from around the campground.

Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road.

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