Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Moving day (Old Orchard Beach, Maine to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine)

Location: Bar Harbor KOA; Bar Harbor, Maine
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I moved about 185 miles north to the Bar Harbor, Maine area. I'm in a KOA on the island where the Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are located. The trip was a little dicey at times due to some strong cross-winds that made Liberty fishtail a few times. They were the strongest cross-winds I've dealt with on this trip. But after a few rest stops we made it here around 2:00 pm. I got checked in
and they showed me to my site. It's a good site on the end of a row. I can step out my door and see the water and the mountains. I've scheduled a boat tour of several lighthouse for in the morning. The boat leaves at 9:30 which means
I may have to set an alarm to get up in time. I haven't used an alarm clock since I retired and I have been sleeping in to about 7 each morning.
From the campground
After I got set up I bought a lobster dinner from an old man that sells them here at the campground. Everyone was raving how great they are. I won't
buy anymore. They are just bland. Oh well, I had to try one while I was in Maine. After eating I explored part of the island. One of the places I wanted to see was Cadillac Mountain. Seemed like a good time to go, so up I went. Wow, the views were stunning. I took close to 200 pictures. The sky was great and changed colors the whole time. I got back to the campground in time to catch a little sunset from just outside of Liberty. 

It was a long day. I think I'll just post a lot of pictures now.

Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road. 

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