Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
I travel in Freedom but sleep in the security of Liberty (not only on the road, but in this amazing country of ours)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Moving day (Bar Harbor, Maine to Willington, Connecticut

Location: Wilderness Lake Campground; Willington, Connecticut
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It was a long drive today. About 350 miles that took almost 7 hours. I had two planned gas stops and 3 rest area stops but still had to stop on the acceleration lane of an on ramp to water the grass. When I stopped, I fully intended to go inside Liberty to use the bathroom, but when I got to the door nobody could see anything so, you know the rest.

New York still has the worst roads overall, but Massachusetts has the worst bridges. Some of the bridges were so bad, I thought Liberty was going to come unhitched. Pot holes in the bridge decks, bad joints, dips at the beginning of the bridge and a big bump at the end. Terrible, just terrible. Just some minor maintenance work would correct the problem. To add insult to injury, after going over several bad bridges then you have to go through a toll booth and pay them for the privilege of getting the crap beat out of your vehicles. It ain't right and I started to tell them so at the next toll booth. I knew the toll attendant couldn't do anything about the condition of the bridges but I just wanted to vent to someone. I had my speech all planned about what I was going to say that would really drive the point home big-time. Instead, all I could say to the sweet, young, good-looking woman in the toll booth was "thank you", "have a great day". I'm sure that will get some action on fixing those bridges.

I also passed through about 25 miles of New Hampshire. Their roads were a little better, but as
I mentioned in one of the other posts, they have liquor stores on their toll roads. I got a picture of the sign and of the building. They didn't have a welcome
center as you entered the state, but I guess you could get a fifth of rum and a fist-full of lottery tickets. Strange.

The campground I'm staying at for the next 3 days is a very wooded one with a man-made lake. It
should be pretty peaceful and quiet. I'm within a stones throw of the lake and in full shade. It only has 30 amp service so that
means, only one A/C unit at a time and gas water heater instead of electric. It is a Passport America campground so I got the site for 1/2
price. I'll have to pay to use their dump station on my way out Wednesday, but that is ok.

I don't have a clue what is to see and do in this area. I picked the campground because it was on my way south. I'll do some research tomorrow to see what trouble I can get into. If there isn't any good trouble, I'll just kick back and read a book. Tonight, I think I'll sleep soundly after a very long day.

Ya'll take care of each other. Cya down the road.

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