Sunday, September 19, 2021

Mostly Sunsets plus a Covid Test

 Location: Rocky Point Campground (Corps of Engineers); near Texarkana, Texas

This is the last campground before getting back to my home base in Louisiana. I am camped on the banks of Lake Wright Patman about 20 miles south of Texarkana. I think this campsite is one of the best that I've stayed in when it comes to watching sunsets.

Freedom, Liberty and a Sunset.


Typical East Texas 

I saw two long convoys.
 God Bless our Troops

Pretty good campsite, uh? Water/Electric for $13.00. Oh, the view is included in the price.

The tree doesn't provide much shade, but it looks nice.

View out Liberty's door.

The setting sun reflecting off of Liberty

Sunset on the first night

The lake was calm as the sun was setting.

A pretty blue-ish color with a reddish glow. 

I haven't done much of anything since getting here. Mostly, I'm just hanging out and enjoying the view. What little exploring I've done has been around the dam. I won't post any pictures of it since it is the typical earthen dam that we've seen so many times on this trip. It is not a hydro-dam which is a little disappointing. 

I was able to find a nice bench overlooking the lake.

I'm on day 12 of my self-diagnosed Bronchitis and each day is a day of improvement. As it's been through most of the sickness, my main symptom has been coughing up phlegm. The phlegm is not coming from my lungs because they are clear with no rattling. I have no problems taking deep breaths without coughing. I am pretty sure it is just bronchitis and the coughing will last another week or two. But, since I'll be home in a couple of days, I figured it would be nice to rule out Covid before seeing the family. It would not be nice to bring Covid back with me. So, I went online and found a CVS pharmacy that does drive-thru Covid testing. It was real easy. I answered some questions online and picked an appointment time. I was about 30 minutes away, so off I went. When I got there, the testing was at their drive-thru window. After proving who I was by answering some of their questions, they gave me the test kit. I used the swab, put it back in a test tube, dropped the kit in a box and drove off. Two days later I got the results texted to my cell phone. As I expected, the test was Negative. But now, I have a nationwide pharmacy agreeing with me. :)

I was originally schedule to leave this campground today and head home. But after looking at the weather forecast I decided to extend my stay here another three days. I guess I can suffer through three more sunsets. The only kicker is I need to change campsites since someone reserved mine before I decided to stay. It's not a problem. I'm used to moving after a few days so this will feel normal. My next campsite is only 4 campsites away. I'll probably move sometime before noon. I'll get home on Wednesday afternoon. The forecast shows a high temperature on Wednesday of 77 degrees, with mid-range humidity compared to 87 degree and high humidity on Tuesday. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I'll be bringing a real, live cold front with me.

50,000 miles on Liberty and 146,643 on Freedom

When I first hit the road back in April of 2014, I expected my towing and exploring mileage to be about equal. They were for the first two to three years, but due to crazy 2020 and other things, my exploring mileage is now about 3 times my towing mileage. I wonder if 50,000 miles is enough??????

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.


  1. That first sunset picture is really nice!

  2. That was my favorite too. I'm going to get tired of sunsets before I leave here,,,, maybe not.

  3. I know 2 grandkids who will be so excited to have their Pa back home! Thank the Lord for safe travels and negative COVID tests!
    Welcome home tomorrow Goza.

    1. Thanks Phyl,,,, it will be good to be home for a while.