Sunday, October 21, 2018

Birth of Nathan Drew

Location: New Rockdale RV Park; Mansfield, Louisiana

Nathan Drew joined the family on September 14, 2018. He will be Olivia's baby brother. My daughter and her husband are great parents and it will be a wondrous thing to see the grandbabies grow up together.

Sleeping peacefully 

Mother and baby just an hour or so after birth. 

Of the hundred or so pictures of Nathan, this is one of my favorites. He is in his mother's arms as they sit on the front porch watching Olivia play in the drizzling rain. It is as if he is saying to her, "what are you doing? Are you crazy?" Looking to the future, he and Olivia will have lots of fun and be best friends as well as brother/sister. 

Nathan is about one month old in this picture and he came to visit his Uncle Brandon who was about six weeks past his transplant date. Two miracles, one picture. 

"Sleep well baby brother, your big sister is watching over you."

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.


  1. WOW!! Great story,and that last picture is fantastic.


  2. Congratulations! Nothing better than grandkids in my opinion! I love the pic of Brandon and Nathan, so precious! Love the last pic too. Glad you updated, miss your blogs!

  3. Aaaah! Beautiful baby and big sister. Congratulations.

  4. Congratulations on the new grandson. Nothing better!

  5. About time for an update, isn’t it? Merry Christmas to you and yours, Darrell.

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