Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Out onto the Great Plains (just pictures)

Location: La Junta KOA (el. 4,250 ft); La Junta, Colorado

all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia Icon 929 cell phone
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Current route.
Campground number 10

It was a pretty morning as I was getting hitched up and ready to leave South Fork. The 8,200 feet of elevation had begun to affect my breathing if I did anything even semi-physical. I would be glad to drop down the 4,000 feet to the Great Plains.

Anyone that goes east/west in southern Colorado recognizes what I think is Blanca Peak. And if I remember what I learned a few years ago, Blanca is the female name. 

Some of the unique housing but with a great view

This one was taken at a "chain up" pull out that I stopped at and treated it like a rest area. 

This is going up the last pass in Colorado. It is named La Veta Pass and is between Alamosa and Walsenburg. It is a long smooth grade. Not as steep as Wolf Creek but much longer.

What goes up must go down. Going down the other side of La Veta Pass.

No mountains left in sight. For the southern folks, I believe those are snow fences. They help keep the roads clear in the winter by intercepting some blowing snow before it gets to the road. 

Last view of the Rockies in Freedom's side mirror

This is the beginning of the Great Plains that stretch across the mid section of the country.

Campsite at the KOA. I usually don't stay in KOA's but this one was convenient to La Junta.
I'll be here for two days before moving on. This is the second time I've been to La Junta, with the other time being in 1978. I'm still thinking it over about telling that story. 
Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.

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  1. The only time I crossed the Great Plains I found them very interesting.