Monday, November 2, 2015

A Quick Update and Dodging Rain

Location:10/30/2015 - 11/1/2015
Hidden Ponds RV Park; Sulphur, Louisiana

Location: Current - Frog City RV Park; Duson, Louisiana

This is a quick update:

I left Bolivar Peninsula on Friday morning with rain predicted for the weekend. I had thought about staying through the weekend but knew it would just be to watch it rain. I said goodbye to the Gulf of Mexico as I turned north at High Island headed to Sulphur, Louisiana. I was looking forward to a visit with my son, grandson and "that Pinder girl" (sorry, inside joke). I enjoyed a nice dinner that evening and breakfast the following morning. I intended to pull out on Halloween but the weather turned nasty and it set into raining for 24 hours straight. I was parked in a nice location that shed the water nicely without any flooding. 

Traveling along the Bolivar Peninsula Highway with the Gulf to my right and dark clouds overhead.

The Gulf of Mexico

Just before turning north and putting the Gulf of Mexico in my rearview side mirror.

Campsite in Sulphur where I weathered the rain.
 I left Sulphur on Sunday, November 1st, headed to a visit with my sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephew in Lafayette, Louisiana. I had to wait for a rain storm to pass over before I started hitching up. The storm was heading east, along the same path I had planned. I fell in behind it and slowed my speed down enough so as to not catch up with the rain. While checking the radar, I noticed another storm about an hour behind me and coming in the same direction. I would have just enough time to get to the campground and get set up before the rain hit. I really like having Accuweather on my phone and have used it many time to navigate around storms

I was able to visit yesterday afternoon and will be going back for more today. I plan to pull out tomorrow morning headed back to Mansfield unless I change my mind. 

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road. 

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