Monday, January 20, 2014

Red River South Marina & Resort

I thought I would show where I'm currently calling home. It is the Red River South Marina & Resort located along U.S. 71 just south of Bossier City, Louisiana. Except for trips every now and then on the weekends, my plan is to stay here until I hit the road sometime in early May.

Here is a picture of Freedom and Liberty with the Red River in the background. The picture was taken from the top of the levee.

I visited an optometrist today. A very good doctor with the latest tech toys. Besides the regular stuff they all do, this doctor took a retinal scan of my eyes so he will have a baseline to be used in the future. When I go back to him in about a year, he will take another one for comparison to see if anything has changed. I ordered one pair of glasses and when they come in, I'll give them my current glasses so they can put in the new prescription. That will give me two good sets and I also have the written prescription. My current prescription was stronger than needed. I think I'll say my eyes got better instead of the old optometrist making a mistake. Before hitting the road, I'll see my regular doctor and my cardiologist. Hopefully, everything will be good.
Today was a good day. 


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