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Freedom and Liberty
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Go!! (ut oh, campground bust)

Location: Juniper Point COE Campground (el. 625 ft); Gordonville, Texas

all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia Icon 929 cell phone
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I woke early and got rolling at 8:30 a.m. Everything went smoothly while hooking up. The drive, although longer than usual, was a good one. The weather was nice and the gas stop was easy. Man, everything was just clicking along. 
Changing landscape from the Piney Woods of Northwest Louisiana to the open farm lands of North-Central Texas

Campground turn to the right.
Lake Texoma in the distance.

I arrived at the campground around 1:00 and checked in with the office. The check in process was easy and quick. I drove to the campsite and even with it being a "right-hand" back-in, I had no problem backing in. The site was level fore and aft, but side to side required 3 blocks. Uhmmm,,, that seemed unusual for a Corp of Engineers campground. They are usually designed and built very well. I plugged into the electric pedestal and my Surge Guard said everything was good to go so I continued setting up. 
Peaceful looking campsite, uh?

I noticed the water spigots were quite a ways away from the campsite. I carry about 75 feet of water hose and wasn't sure that would be enough. I decided not to add any fresh water to my tank and would just use the water I already had in my fresh water tank. There would be enough to last me the two days I planned to be here. Besides, I could stretch the fresh water out by using my 2 1/2 gallon collapsible water jugs. One for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. I turned the water spigot on and let it run for a minute then filled up the jug. The water looked as if it came straight out of the lake without any treatment. I tried again and got the same results. Oh well, that just would be for the bathroom and I didn't fill the other for the kitchen. I sure am glad I didn't just automatically add the water to my fresh water tank. This is a good reminder to me that I've have been slack in the past in not visually checking the water source better. Anyway, I had enough water to make it for the couple of days and the lake looked pretty and peaceful. There were only a couple of other campers so it was very quiet.

The wind started picking up as the sun went down and that caused the electricity to turn off and on. After a few times, I went to check the Surge Guard and it was showing High Voltage and Reversed Polarity. The Surge Guard was doing its job and protecting Liberty and me. I decided to turn the power off and just use my batteries. It was a little warm but not too bad and I slept well.

Three strikes for this campground: 3 blocks needed for level, bad water, bad electricity. Not good. Beside, the place just doesn't have a good vibe. Something just isn't right with this place. 

I checked the weather forecast and it shows a clear day for today (Wednesday) but storms are due to return for Thursday and Friday. I made an executive decision to leave today and forsake one days worth of fees in order to get into a better place for the coming storms. They may not be as bad as predicted, but this time of year in Oklahoma, better safe than sorry. So, I'll be packing up after posting this to the blog and moving to a small city campground outside of Oklahoma City. I hope to be there a few days to see a couple things in OKC. 

Not too exciting of a blog post and I hope this campground isn't an indicator of things to come. 

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.


  1. Darrell, you should be able to get a refund for the unused night on your credit card at a COE park if you paid with a CC. I did that yesterday at a COE park in Fort Worth.
    Better Luck,

    1. Hello Shawn. I talked to the camp host and told them to keep the campground fee as a payment to the bad Ju Ju, so it wouldn't follow me.

  2. Sometimes you never know what you are going to get. Hopefully the next one will be so good it will erase this memory. Stay safe.

    1. You sound like "life is like a box of chocolates.......". :)