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Freedom and Liberty
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Memories Remain but Towns Change and Moving Day

Location: Pueblo KOA (el. 5,050 ft); Pueblo, Colorado

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(All pictures taken with Nokia Lumia 929 Cell Phone)

One of the reasons I stopped at Alamosa was to be close enough to drive to Red River, New Mexico. I made that drive two days ago but just now getting around to writing about it. The short version is, a friend and I worked there as 17 year old's. The long version can be found in an older post at 

I didn't take any pictures of the town because I felt like a stranger there. The only part of town I recognized was the condominium where we stayed. The best I could tell, a real estate office is at the location where we rented the motorcycles. I did travel up the road towards Goose Lake thinking I may be able to find the location where I wrecked. It all has changed with heavy residential development and paved roads. It was a different world from what I remembered. Oh well, life goes on.
This is Blanca Peak (el 14,345 ft). It
dominates this area. 

Some bighorn sheep grazing on the side of
the road.

The road to Red River. It was a nice drive

The road back to Alamosa and the campground. The land is
wide open and sparsely populated.

Seeing Blanca Peak means getting close
Yesterday was moving day and I moved about 125 miles north. The good thing is that I also dropped about 2,500 feet in elevation and the lower elevation feels much better. The new campground is located in Pueblo, Colorado which is at the junction of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. There are a couple things I want to see in this area and will be here at least 5 days. Today seems to be a lazy day though.
Hitched up and ready to pull out of Alamosa. I wanted one more picture with Blanca Peak in the background. It was a nice backyard.

The sky put on a show as I was driving
east. The vapor trails were playing

This is after crossing the mountains
but not yet to the flat-lands

Large snow-fences on the left. They
must have some big snow drifts here

This is taken from a rest area off the
interstate. The interstate runs north
and south with the Rockies to the west
and the Great Plains to the east.

The latest campsite at Pueblo. It is an open campground and I like those types.
Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.


  1. I sure wish Red River would have looked the same for you Before you went back to work there mom and dad and you sure seemed to have a great time while there. I remember yall telling about Hells Angels coming to town. Take care Lil Brother

    1. Yeah, I was disappointed and surprised by what I had found. I almost wish I hadn't have went. Take care, big sis.