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Freedom and Liberty
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Moving Day to Wells, Nevada (mostly pictures)

Location: Angel Lake RV Park (el 5,700 ft); Wells, Nevada

(click pictures to enlarge)
(all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia 929 Cell Phone)

I chose Wells, Nevada as a stop-over on my way to Utah. The Humbolt Mountain Range is very close to Wells with a mountain lake that is easily accessible. It is closed during the winter but I was hoping that due to the mild winter, it may be open. I was wrong. I was able to drive to within about 2 miles of the lake before getting to the "road closed barricades". The road looked clear for as far as I could see and thoughts of around the barricades crossed my mind. It was kind of ironic because in my career as a highway engineer I had seen what can happen to people that ignore these type of signs. It's a good thing I obeyed by instincts and didn't go around the barricades because on the way down the mountain, I passed a Sheriff's Deputy on the way up. It would have been embarrassing for me to have been cited for going around barricades and I know several people back in Louisiana that would have given me much grief about it. :)

Even with the lake closed, there were some fantastic views of the valley and adjacent mountains, many of which were snow-capped. 

Tomorrow is moving day and I will be in Salt Lake City tomorrow. From there, I will check the weather forecast before deciding to head north to Yellowstone or south to a couple National Parks in southern Utah to await better weather in Yellowstone.

This is the countryside just east of Winnemucca. Looking into one of the valleys

The sky put on a show while I was heading directly to the mountains

It's hard to see but there is a long train out there somewhere, plus some nice mountain tops

Notice the remote sending weather station on the right side. It is probably sending data to the nearest State Highway Office.

Notice the red pole on the left side of the road. It marks the location of the road when the snow piles up.

Another good view.

Pretty mountains in the distance with a sign to a ominous place.

Angel Lake RV Park campsite. Nice and level with full hook-ups.

The East Humboldt Range about 6 miles from the campground.

More of the East Humboldt Range. I couldn't decide between this picture and the one above.

A panorama view of the Humboldt Range on the right.

Nice road heading in the right direction

Nice views everywhere


Another panorama view

This is a panorama view of Wells, Nevada. Notice on the right side, that is Interstate 80 towards Salt Lake City. I'll be heading that way tomorrow.
Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.


  1. The pics are even prettier when I zoom in to look at them. The RV park's trees look strange being bare compared to where you just came from. Enjoy and be safe

    1. Hey Sis,
      All the trees have buds, but it is still getting down to 30 at night so the blooms are slow. Still pretty country though.

  2. Should have gone to Devils Gate lol