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Freedom and Liberty
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Cape Foulweather, The Punchbowl, a Dog and a Bridge

Location: South Beach State Park (el 15 ft); South Beach, Oregon

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(all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia 929 Cell Phone)

Happy Good Friday

I took a drive yesterday to see what I could see. I headed north because I wanted to see Cape Foulweather. I had heard of the place long ago when I read stories about Captain Cook's voyages in the Pacific Ocean. He named the point of basalt jutting out into the ocean, "Cape Foulweather", because after spotting the area, bad weather set upon his ship. His discovery was in 1778, just one year before his death at the hands of native Hawaiians in 1779. Captain Cook and his men saw this area 27 years before Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific in 1805. 

Looking out to sea from Cape Foulweather

This picture is looking south. The second point is the Punchbowl which is next on the list. The point in the distance is the Yaquina Lightstation. From this perspective you can see why they chose that location.

Just about every place now-a-days has some touch of commercialization associated with it. I've grown to accept it.

The next pictures are of the Punchbowl. It is an old sea cave whose roof has collapsed. Waves enter and fill the "punchbowl" with water during high tide. I was there just after high tide. It would have been better to have been there about an hour before high tide to see the waves crashing inside. 
The location is a very scenic viewpoint.

This is the Punchbowl. You can see the opening in the center. Waves were crashing in, but not as ferocious as I expected. It would have been better during the time approaching high tide.

The view from the Punchbowl overlook

More view from the Punchbowl. Those motels and houses sure have a nice view as well.

The top of the Punchbowl is to the right

Looking down at the beach area from the Punchbowl. A few surfers were out trying to catch a wave. The temperature was in the lower 50's so they were dedicated to their sport.

You can still see the surfers. Also in the distance is the Yaquina Lightstation

Just a bare, old tree.
I stopped for lunch at my favorite restaurant (T_ _ _ B _ _ _) and got a picture of this dog on my way out. The backpacks belong to his owner who was inside charging up his cell phone and using his tablet. I have seen several of these "walkers" along U.S. 101. 
The dog is catching a nap while his owner is inside.
On the way back to the campground I decided to get a sideways picture of the bridge over the Yaquina Bay between South Beach and Newport. The bridge is 80 years old. The lanes are a little narrow, but structurally, she looks pretty good. I didn't have the opportunity to do a proper hands-on inspection, but I trust the bridge inspectors with ODOT.

It's a pretty bridge uh? 
Tomorrow is moving day. A shower is passing over as I'm finishing up this post. The forecast for tomorrow is showers in the morning but the wind will be mild. I will take the rain over wind any day. I'll be heading north to Fort Stevens State Park near Astoria, Oregon. That will finish up the Oregon coast for me and I'm not sure which direction I'll be going when I leave there. 

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.


  1. Stop at Fort Clatsop before Astoria. Also climb the tower in Astoria for a fantastic view of the Columbia River entering the Pacific.

    1. I am aware of the fort but haven't heard about the tower. I will look for it. Thanks

  2. Hi, Found your blog a couple of weeks ago. Great pictures and write ups! If you like fish/chips, there is an excellent fish/chips place in Astoria. If you find the Columbia River Maritime Museum, go up about a block from there (look for a fishing boat that is dry docked). As Gene commented above the Astoria Column is an excellent view of the Columbia River. If you have time, go over the Astoria Megler Bridge take a left at the "T" and you will find Ft. Columbia....there are still war bunkers & such there. And the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, plus 2 lighthouse. Enjoy your travels. Liz (Boise, ID)

    1. Hello Liz,
      Thanks for the suggestions, I like all of them. I tried fish and chips in Crescent City and wasn't impressed, but it may just have been that place. I also heard about a nice trolley in Astoria. Thanks again

  3. Fort Stevens -- A wonderful place to be -- don't forget to see the old ship the Peter Iredale -- when the tide is out you can see parts of the ship --keep taking all those wonderful photos - I love the old tree!! Safe travels

    1. Thanks Jenny. I will look for the old ship. Oregon is a pretty state so far.

  4. I recommend visiting the Astoria Column (in Astoria). I was there in Sept. and climbed to the top for amazing views of the mouth of the Columbia River and the Lewis & Clark Rivers. We could hear sea lions, but couldn't see them. The clerk in the gift shop told us which pier to visit to see hundreds of sea lions lying on the boat docks and platforms. Very cool. Love reading our blog. My family and I will be traveling to Crater Lake and up the Oregon Coast in June. Looking forward to following you path of travels thru Oregon. Thanks for sharing! Take care and safe travels,
    ps - While in Oregon I recommend stopping at one of the many Dutch Brothers coffee shops for a double mocha! Good even if you're not a coffee drinker!

    1. Hello Linda, good hearing from you. I visited the Column today. I haven't stopped at any of the coffee places up here. I get strange looks from them when I ask for a plain black coffee. Most of them don't know what that