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Freedom and Liberty
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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Random Thoughts and Getting Caught Up

Location: New Rockdale RV Park; Mansfield, Louisiana

It's been a couple of weeks since I've made a blog post. I have no excuses, only reasons. Wow, that is a subconscious flashback. In the Navy, we were trained that there are no excuses for anything that happens; only reasons why it happened. An example would be if you show up late to work and say, "I'm late because there was heavy traffic" instead of "I'm late because I didn't anticipate heavy traffic on the way to work". See the difference? The first one blamed something outside of your control such as the traffic. The second places the blame on yourself since you are the one in control of yourself. It seems like it is a small thing and a play on words, but when looking back over a length of time, it helps put things into perspective.

And speaking of being on time, everyone should live by the rule - "if you show up 'on time', you're late. 15 minutes early is 'on time'."
Last view of the beach area on Bolivar Peninsula.

Ships heading into Galveston Bay on the way to the Houston Ship Chanel

Enough random thoughts for a minute. The main point of this post is to get caught up. A quick summary is that after leaving Galveston on the 7th, I stopped for 3 days in V-RV Park in Vinton, Louisiana. It was the closest campground, with vacancies, to Sulphur, which is where my oldest son lives. I wanted to see a flag football game in which my grandson was playing. He scored 4 touchdowns and is very good. He is a fast runner and that helps, but the main thing I noticed is that he is able to see a couple of tacklers (flag pullers) ahead of him at the same time he is avoiding being tackled. He isn't old enough to have been trained that way so it is a natural ability. I hope he comes to understand how special that is not only in football but also in life. It is like peeking into the future. 

Warming up for the game. That is my son on the right in the red shirt and my grandson is number 13.

The wild fans. In the picture is my granddaughter Olivia, son Brandon, x-wife Kathy, x-mother-in-law Lila and future daughter-in-law Jennifer.

Grandson Tucker (picture taken by my daughter)

That's Tucker, with the ball running away from a tackle while his teammate runs alongside for a future block. (picture taken by my daughter)

This was a good action shot of Tucker running with the ball. (picture taken by my daughter)

My daughter, granddaughter, son and X-wife came down to Sulphur to see my grandson play ball. They all stayed at my oldest son's house and my future daughter-in-law cooked a nice shrimp and rice supper which was good eating. The visiting was even better and it was the first time that all of my children, x-wife and I have been together since last Thanksgiving. We will all gather up again this Thanksgiving in Mansfield.
Future cousins, Cooper on the left, Olivia on the right

My daughter Brittanie taking pictures with my x-wife behind her trying to get the kids to smile
For lunch, I took everyone to my favorite fancy restaurant, Taco Bell. That is when I found out it was Olivia's first experience with such exquisite and exotic cuisine. For some strange reason, my daughter and her husband has deprived Olivia of such an experience.  

The campground I stayed at in Vinton was an old KOA whose owner quit the KOA a few years ago. The campground is going downhill fast. The only good thing, for the owner, is that she should be retiring soon and there is a large construction boom in the area which keeps her campground nearly full. It is evident that she isn't doing the necessary maintenance, but she will probably retire before it falls to pieces. The roads had potholes, the trees had low hanging limbs, there were enough dumpsters, etc. My Surge Guard protected me again. When I plugged Liberty into the electrical pedestal my surge guard warned that there was "reverse polarity and a faulty ground". I called the owner and told her about it. I don't think she believed what I was saying but she gave me another site which was apparently on a different circuit since the surge guard said everything was OK. I noticed later that evening that she had rented the site with the bad reading. The RV that was in the site didn't have a surge guard unless they had one hardwired inside. That is twice my surge guard has protected me from bad electricity. Buying it was a wise decision.
Campsite at V-RV in Vinton, Louisiana
I left Vinton on the 10th and went to a campground in Duson, Louisiana. I stopped there for 3 days while visiting my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew. It was a great visit and besides eating out, my sister made some gravy, biscuits and sausage for breakfast one morning. It seems good eating and good visiting just goes together.
Campsite at Frog City RV Park, Duson, Louisiana. This is one of few times I've used by awning except when I dry it out after a blowing rain. There is some great boudin (the best I've had in a long time) at the next exit at a place called Don's. 

I left Duson and arrived here at New Rockdale RV Park on the 13th. 
That is Freedom and Liberty with dozens of vacant campsites in the background. I have a strong cell signal which means not only phone but internet connection. I will get sun most of the day which will be appreciated as the temperatures begin to fall at night.

I'll be here at least through Thanksgiving and possibly through Christmas. This is the same campground I stayed at when I was last here in Mansfield after Brandon's stroke. There are only a couple other RV's in the new section of the RV park and I like it that way. I have began preparing a list of maintenance items that I need to do on Liberty. Of course visiting with family is top of the list but I plan to play some golf with two other fat heavy-set husky non-flat-belly men. Also on the list will be a lunch with a few of my old previous co-workers. It should be some good visiting all around and still enough time for me to be as lazy as I want. 

I figure the blog posts will be a little boring while I'm stationary for the next few weeks. I'll continue posting so as to have a record of what happens. One of the main purposes of this blog is for the future reading by my grandkids and maybe great grandkids. It is a way for them to know what the old man did during this time. Oh well, enough rambling for now.
Olivia got thirsty at the football game so she and I walked to the concession stand on the other side of the field. It's times like these that are hopefully not forgotten too soon. 
Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.   



  1. Best memory of all--you & Olivia. Precious pic

  2. I love that picture of Olivia and you. I had a nice walk with my grandson today with him holding my finger.

    1. This is something special about grandbabies....:)

  3. Glad for the post. Contacted Kathy the other day to make sure all was well as I hadn't heard much from y'all. Have a great time with family.

    1. Thanks Robin. I'm glad to see that things are going good with your mother.

  4. When you started talking about food especially shrimp you got my attention. I'm slowly working my way down to the Gulf coast of southern Texas where I plan on spending the winter. And one of the things that made me decide on the Texas Gulf Coast, instead of southern Arizona like last winter, was the thought of being able to get some real genuine Gulf coast shrimp and not those horrible little farm raised things that passes for shrimp everywhere else in the country.

    So when you talk about shrimp are you talking about real shrimp ? And will I be able to find them in restaurants along the Gulf Coast ? Or am I going to have to buy them at a fish market and cook them myself ?


    1. Hello Boon,
      You will be able to get fresh Gulf shrimp within 200 miles of the Texas coast. Fresh being within 2 days of being caught. When you get about 100 miles from the coast, fresh becomes caught within 24 hours. You will be able to buy them from convenience stores, big box stores or from individuals along the side of the road. I haven't bought any right off the fishing boats except in Louisiana, but I'm sure you can in Texas too. You will be able to buy them in any size from very small to jumbo. Jumbo means 2 or more bites per shrimp. Just about all restaurants in Texas will use fresh shrimp in their meals. I see you're coming out of New Mexico into Texas. Don't pass up good BBQ in West Texas. Just about every town has a BBQ joint out there. Have fun in Texas and enjoy their state parks. I'll be following your adventures across the lone star state.