Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and Liberty
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

West Texas in the Rearview

Tuesday's Location: North Llano River RV Park (el 1,700 ft); Junction, Texas
Current Location: Bastrop State Park (el 500 ft); Bastrop, Texas

All Pictures taken with Nokia Lumia Icon 929 Cell Phone

I left Balmorhea early Tuesday morning with a 260 mile tow ahead of me; mostly interstate. The morning temperature was a brisk 55 degrees and I started out with long pants but changed to shorts before hitting the road. A roadrunner bird came to see me at the dump station as I was emptying my tanks. It jumped on Freedom and gave me a look. As I was grabbing my phone to take a picture, it jumped down onto the pavement. Having just now checked the pictures, the color of the bird blended in with the pavement just as if he was wearing camouflage. 

The drive was uneventful and the scenery changed a little but not too dramatically. I stopped for gas at an Exxon station and immediately got a case of the "heebie jeebies". I checked the place out on Google Earth the night before in preparation to stop and knew there wasn't much at this exit, but when I stopped for gas, everything looked closed and grown up in weeds. Strange. I pumped the gas and kept my head on a swivel because I learned to just my instincts long, long time ago. Nothing happened and I didn't see anything unusual, but I was glad to be leaving exit #372.
Houses are separated by great distances in west Texas. This was the only one for quite a while. Too isolated a life for me.

The scenery changed a little from New Mexico.

I've noticed American flags have become more common lately than they were just a year or so ago. Every time I see one along the way, like this one in Sonora, Texas, it makes me smile and gives me a sense of "things in the country are going to be OK".

I will miss the open skies of the West. As I get farther and farther to the east, the trees along the road will close in tighter and tighter. 

Campsite at North Llano River RV Park.
I arrived at the town of Junction and checked into the campground. It is very nice and comfortable. You could tell the owners and workers took pride in their work. I didn't have a data signal in the campground or around the town. This is only the second time in my travels that I couldn't pick up a data signal. The other time was in Seminole Canyon State Park in extreme West Texas. I called Barney, a fellow RV'er/Blogger, since I knew he was camped in the area. We enjoyed some very good BBQ at a place called Lum's. I got the brisket and turkey; both were excellent. We visited for an hour or two before saying our "cya down the road's". Safe travels Barney, have fun.

I left Junction the following morning and arrived here at Bastrop around 1:00 p.m. This is a great little park from what I've seen and I'll be interested in exploring it and some of the area. I'll be here for only 3 days with some chores like laundry and shopping needing to be done.
Camped under the Loblolly Pines of Bastrop State Park.

You can tell you're really in Texas when you see the
Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.   

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