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Freedom and Liberty
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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Atlantic Ocean, Jekyll Island and Snowbirds

Location: Walkabout Camp & RV Park (el 10 ft); Woodbine, Georgia

all pictures taken with Nokia Lumia Icon 929 cell phone
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I arrived at this campground in the early afternoon of Wednesday. It was a 240 mile tow which is longer than normal for me since I like to stay under 200 miles on moving days. I am only able to stay here for 2 days because everything is booked up. In fact, the next campground could only give me 3 days after I requested 7 days. All of the campground owners are saying it is due to the "snowbirds" going back north. The migration should be over by the end of April at which time all the campgrounds will be almost empty until they return in the late fall. This migration is largely confined to the Atlantic seaboard, so after the next campground, I'll be heading more in a westerly direction.

This small fifth wheel belonged to a
nice older couple from upper New York.
They were camped next to me at
Eastbank Campground. They have
been snowbirding in that camper for
23 years. 
The last sunset over Lake Seminole

Sunset from the last night at Eastbank

Campsite at Walkabout. It is very tight and cramped compared to the last campground.

I took a day trip to Jekyll Island today. It is a barrier island on the Georgia coast. It is famous for several things and has been on my list of things to see for a long time. Between 1888 and 1928 the island was the winter homes of the rich and famous. 
Lots of Spanish Moss draped trees on the island

I found this beach access point from the local soccer complex. I think it was part of the staging area for the movie Glory.

Nearing the end of the boardwalk

Almost deserted beach. The chairs belonged to a man and young girl. They were digging in the sand near the waters edge.

Deserted beach

"to the oceans white with foam". From the song God Bless America. The foam is formed from churned up dissolved organic matter. Doesn't sound good uh?

Another beach boardwalk on the north end of the island

The northern beach is a little more active

Even bicycles on the beach

One bench

Second bench

I could picture the rich and famous wandering around these trees long ago

One of the reconstructed house from the by gone ages.

The island was also the location of a secret meeting of the "First Name Club" which was 6 men who went to the island disguised as duck hunters. Their purpose was to put down on paper a new plan to organize the banking and monetary policies of the country. After a week they had developed the plan and submitted it to President Wilson and the Congress. Congress turned it down but Wilson used major parts of it the next year in his proposal to develop the current Federal Reserve System. It was approved by Congress and is essentially the same system in effect today. I won't go into the arguments for or against the FED and only mention it as an interesting fact. The Great Depression and World War 2 brought an end to the fancy life of the rich Yankees and Jekyll Island. The State of Georgia first condemned the island and then turned around and bought it for $675,000.00 in 1947 so they could turn it into a state park. 

It has some pretty beaches too which were almost deserted today.

Tomorrow is moving day. I'll be heading to a campground north of Savannah for 3 days.

Ya'll take care of each other. I'll Cya down the road.

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  1. I hate to have to be the bearer of bad news. The snowbird migration is packing this north Alabama campground also. All the way into as far west as central Texas (I-35 from Corpus/RGV) the migration has a major impact twice a year.